Fixing Tax Issues The Correct Way

Just the thought of having tax issues with the IRS can make a person sick. Unfortunately, the reality of having an IRS problem these days is as common as catching a cold.  It is just too bad that a quick visit to the local pharmacy to get an over the counter remedy won’t make the IRS problem go away. Figuratively speaking, an IRS problem is just like an illness, you need to go see a professional for treatment. Even the simplest of problems with the federal taxing authority should be handled by an Enrolled Agent, which is someone who is specialized and licensed by the IRS in fixing IRS problems.

Having tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service is really quite similar to fighting an infection or having a health related problem. They are both often hard to fight off and they do not usually go away easily. They also both get worse over time if they are left untreated. Certain illnesses require a specific prescription to cure, and ironically so do IRS problems. Taking the right medicine and the correct dosage of medicine makes the difference in whether the illness lingers on for a longer period of time or gets cured up faster. The same thing goes for IRS problems. Getting the correct fix to tax issues right from the onset makes a difference in whether the problem goes away or lingers on for a long time.    

Some IRS tax issues have very specific and critical deadlines. By missing these specific and critical deadlines means that a person can forfeit their rights under the Internal Revenue Service code. Some examples of these types of matters are things like an IRS audit appeal, a request to go to tax court or a request for a collection due process hearing, which addresses collection actions like a wage garnishment or bank account levy.  When a person misses the deadline for things like these items that were just described, a person loses their right to dispute actions and decisions made by the Internal Revenue Service. At that point, once a person’s rights are forfeited by missing deadlines, other alternatives have to be explored. That’s why a person needs to hire an Enrolled Agent firm to deal with their IRS problems right from the start so those critical deadlines are identified and do not get missed.

When IRS tax issues don’t have a specific or critical deadline like the ones described in the examples above, then the problem can manifest in other ways. People with IRS problems often think that they are better off just letting the problem sit idle for a while because the IRS isn’t contacting them or pursuing them. The thought is that if the IRS isn’t contacting them, they don’t want to wake up a sleeping dog. The problem with this line of reasoning is two-fold. One is that the dog does wake up and then the dog bites, and two, the interest on the debt owed to the Internal Revenue Service is compounding interest, so it adds up rather fast. That makes someone’s overall debt to the Internal Revenue Service more and more each day. In regards to fixing IRS problems, it doesn’t pay to wait as it will only cost more in the end.

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