IRS Tax Relief

Five Easy Steps to Real Tax Relief

Are you in trouble with the IRS? Are you afraid of what the IRS can do to you and of getting ripped off by unethical tax relief firms, too?

Follow these five easy steps to effective tax relief.

  1. Admit you cannot fix your tax problem by yourself
    If you could fix the problem on your own, it would already be taken care of and you wouldn’t be searching the Internet for tax relief help
  2. Make a decision to get help with your tax problem
    Putting off your tax problem, ignoring it, and procrastination will make your tax problems worse than they already are
  3. Be honest with yourself about the extent of your tax problem
    Collect and review your IRS notices and write down what you think the IRS is telling you in simple, clear words you understand
  4. Call an experienced tax relief firm that has been in business for at least five to seven years
    Experienced companies are more stable and better able to handle your tax problems
  5. Be prompt and thorough in providing to your tax relief firm payments, documents, and signatures
    Prompt submission of these items speeds up the process


One Final Note on Tax Relief

A tax problem three to five years in the making will not go away in a month. Be prepared to work closely with the tax relief company you hire to provide everything they ask for. And be prepared to provide some documents and information more than once because of the way the IRS requires information to be organized and submitted.


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If you’re ready to start the tax relief process, contact us today. With over eight years of tax representation experience, we can start helping you get back in compliance with the IRS today.

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