The Importance Of Getting Professional Tax Assistance

The importance of getting tax assistance from a licensed professional like an Enrolled Agent for an IRS problem holds the same great importance as it does when hiring a professional for any other type of problem that a person encounters. Those would be problems like an automobile, plumbing, roofing, electrical or medical problem. If a roofing or plumbing problem requires a licensed professional to fix, then an IRS problem certainly requires hiring a licensed professional to fix as well.

Unfortunately, all too frequently, people try to resolve their IRS problems on their own without getting tax assistance from a professional. As a result and all too frequently, the outcome is not as good. Using the plumbing problem as an example to make a point, IRS problems just don’t go away as easily as pouring liquid down a drain. Someone who has an IRS problem really needs a professional who knows where things can get clogged up at the IRS and how to get them unclogged. The Internal Revenue Service system is just like a long winding pipe with plenty of bends and turns in it. A person hires a licensed professional plumber who has the right tools and knows how to use those tools to clean out the clogged pipes. It is just the same with an IRS problem, people who have them really need to hire someone who has the right tools and knows how to use the tools to get their IRS problem unclogged.  The person with the right tools and knowledge to fix an IRS problem is an Enrolled Agent.

The type of tax assistance that a licensed professional Enrolled Agent can provide to someone with an IRS problem is usually very wide in scope. Because Enrolled Agents must pass an IRS exam in three areas that cover personal tax issues, business tax issues and the Internal Revenue Service’s processes and procedures, they can be a tremendous help in getting things fixed.

One common area that continues to be a problem for so many people who look for tax assistance is in the area of federal tax compliance. Someone who has not filed his or her federal returns for multiple years is not in federal compliance with the IRS, and that is a very serious problem. It is best for someone to hire a professional Enrolled Agent firm to help him or her get back into compliance with the Internal Revenue Service. There is only one way that the Enrolled Agent can get a person back into federal compliance with the Internal Revenue Service and that is to get the un-filed federal returns prepared and filed with the IRS.

Once someone is back into federal compliance with the Internal Revenue Service then all other problems or issues that someone has with the IRS can then be addressed. Thus, a big part of getting proper tax assistance for an IRS problem is to clear the hurdle of getting all of the unfiled federal returns done first. After that is complete, then dealing with wage garnishments, bank levies, collections issues and other IRS problems can be handled.

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