The Most Common Income Tax Problems

The most common income tax problems that people have today for which they have hired Triage Tax Relief to handle for them are included in this list below:

- They have many years of unfiled federal returns.
- They are in collections and are receiving IRS letters in the mail.
- They have a wage garnishment on their paycheck at work.
- They have a bank levy on their financial institution bank account.
- They owe the IRS money that they have not paid or cannot pay.
- They have a Revenue Officer or Revenue Agent showing up to their home or work.
- They are being audited or have been audited by the IRS.

All of the issues on this list need immediate attention to resolve.  Letting this list of income tax problems linger without handling them only makes things worse. The items on this list are dynamic to each other. For instance, when someone has several years of federal returns that have not been filed with the Internal Revenue Service, then that can trigger a garnishment on a person’s paycheck. It can also lead to a federal levy being executed on a person’s bank account, which would mean that the government would seize money out of someone’s bank account. The income tax problems that people usually fear the most which can also be related to having not filed federal returns is to have an IRS Revenue Officer or Agent show up to a person’s home or place of business.

The unfolding of income tax problems generally follows a pattern like this one. The unfiled federal returns prompt the start of letters being sent out.  Eventually, the IRS system generates their own federal return for the person who did not file one, and that serves as the substitute return for the taxpayer. Once this alternate federal return is done, then that generates an amount due to the United States Treasury Department. As a result of the amount now due to the government, the series of collection letters continue to flow out in the mail. Some of those letters contain warnings about garnishments, levies and seizures of property, which does include cash assets like paychecks and bank accounts. Many people think that they don’t have assets or property that the IRS can take so they don’t worry about it. Well, the government sees it differently. It considers paychecks, social security checks and the balance of money in someone’s bank account as an asset or property so generally everyone has something the Department of Treasury is willing to take away.

In many cases where the number of unfiled federal returns are many or when the amount of money that is due meets a certain dollar amount, then a Revenue Officer is sent out to the person’s home or work place.

Included in the list of income tax problems is the IRS Audit. An audit generally stands alone from the other topics on the list and is a result of questionable items taken on a federal return.

In all these scenarios, it is imperative to seek help to resolve the matter.

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