Why Hire Someone To Help With A Tax Issue

When a person has a tax issue with the IRS that they can’t get resolved, they need to hire an IRS resolution or relief company for help.  The benefits in hiring an IRS resolution or relief company are so overwhelmingly important that it makes a big difference in the outcome of the problem that the person is trying to get resolved.

Here are some of those benefits for hiring companies who specialize in these types of resolutions. First, the people that they hire to resolve a tax issue with the IRS are usually Enrolled Agents. The Enrolled Agent status means that the person has been granted permission by the IRS to represent clients at the IRS. The Enrolled Agent status also means that the person has passed a tough examination process with the IRS to earn that prestigious credential. The exam covers business tax matters, individual tax matters and IRS representation that focuses on the procedures and processes at the Internal Revenue Service.

A second benefit of hiring an this type of resolution and relief company to resolve a tax issue is that the company gets a priority service phone number into the IRS that the general public does not have access to. When the company employs licensed professionals, like an IRS Enrolled Agent professional to do the work on behalf of their clients, the licensed professionals can work through the Practitioner Priority Service unit at the IRS.  This benefit is more than just getting a toll free phone number that is not available to the general public. It is about getting a more knowledgeable person at the IRS on the phone. This Practitioner Priority Service unit at the IRS has a staff of employees who have received special training in topic areas that relate to the types of questions and issues that Enrolled Agents will have for their clients. Thus, Enrolled Agents have direct priority access to specially trained employees whose job is to answer and assist professionals. If a professional has a question or tax issue that goes beyond the level of knowledge or experience that the specially trained IRS employee has, then the matter gets referred to the appropriate IRS area that can help.

A third important benefit for hiring an IRS resolution and relief company is because of the depth of experience they have in the subject matter. This is important because they have seen the same issues over and over again, whereas an individual is likely to have never seen these types of problems before they crop up.  Also, the IRS doesn’t always go by the book, and that can hurt a client, so an Enrolled Agent can watch out for those instances and make the IRS follow the rules that give favor to their client. 

The things that make an IRS problem so difficult to resolve for individuals are time, government red tape and complexity. Enrolled agent firms are able to get over the obstacle of any tax issue for their client by using their experience, knowledge and their connection to the Practitioner Priority Service unit at the Internal Revenue Service.

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