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Welcome to Triage Tax Relief

picTriage Tax Relief is a business unit of You-File. The company has been an online tax solutions website since 2006. Triage Tax Relief was created out of the You-File business unit to better assist people who have tax and IRS problems.  Because of the company’s history and success with providing information to people online about taxes and IRS problems, Triage Tax Relief still uses the You-File website to reach out to people on the internet about the problems they encounter with the IRS.  

Not only does Triage Tax Relief provide valuable information to people online regarding taxes and the Internal Revenue Service, but we also help people fix their IRS Problems directly by representing them. Triage Tax Relief employs a staff of various professionals who work to help people resolve all types of IRS problems.

Among the staff of professionals who work on behalf of our clients to help them resolve their IRS problems are Enrolled Agents.  Our company understands that the key to resolving IRS problems is knowledge. The Enrolled Agents at Triage Tax Relief have knowledge in three core tested areas; individual taxes, business taxes and IRS representation related to IRS practices and procedures. Because Enrolled Agents must pass through a rigorous examination process in order to be licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers before them, the benefit of using an Enrolled Agent to deal with your IRS problem is a big one.  Triage Tax Relief offers that vital benefit to our clients by employing Enrolled Agents.

Triage Tax Relief helps people resolve problems in areas such as filing back tax returns, dealing with IRS letters, navigating the IRS collection process, wage garnishments, bank levies, federal tax liens, audits, payment plans, other settlements options, CDP hearings, appeals, tax court and personal visits to your home or office by an IRS Revenue Officer or IRS Revenue Agent.  IRS Problems are specific to each person’s situation and can expand out beyond the list of things mentioned here. The list of IRS problems that can emerge for someone is long. Triage Tax Relief can deal with those other IRS problems as well.  Importantly, the resolution to an IRS problem is also specific to each person’s situation.

The best advice that a person can get about an IRS problem is to take action on it now.  Don’t put off fixing your IRS problem now because they only get worse with time.   Contact us now to speak with us about your IRS problem and find out how we can help you.

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