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IRS Wage Garnishment and IRS Wage Levy on Your Paycheck
Take action on getting the IRS wage garnishment and IRS wage levy stopped or released. The sooner you take action after receiving the IRS letter, the easier it is to get the IRS wage garnishment and IRS wage levy resolved for you
IRS Income Tax Audit
The IRS approaches income tax audits as a revenue generator for the United States Treasury. Taxpayers who receive an IRS Notice of Audit should move quickly to get a qualified IRS Representative to defend them at the IRS Audit.
IRS Revenue Officer and IRS Revenue Agent
IRS Revenue Officers and IRS Revenue Agents have broad power to collect taxes and use a variety of collection methods. This is a serious IRS problem and requires professional help.
IRS Audit
The best way to defend an IRS Audit and win is to contact a tax professional to represent you at the IRS Audit because IRS Audits quite often end up bad for taxpayers costing them thousands of dollars in additional tax and penalty. However, IRS Audits do not have to end up bad for taxpayers if they...
File an Extension on Tax Return
The IRS will give taxpayers an automatic extension for filing taxes if the April 15th tax filing deadline can not be met. The automatic extension for filing taxes is 6 months.
IRS Tax Filing Deadline
Taxpayers who have put off tax return preparation and tax return filing like it was a last minute college term paper will be elated with the news that the IRS tax filing deadline is taking a long weekend giving taxpayers extra time to prepare and file a tax return. Taxpayers can add two extra days t...
Telephone Tax Refund
Taxpayers need to be alert during this 2006 tax year to whether they qualify for the federal telephone excise tax refund referred to as the telephone tax refund. The Commissioner of the IRS, Mark Everson said in an IRS Newswire statement that “Many taxpayers are overlooking this special refund and t...
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