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The volume of letters and notices that are sent to taxpayers from the IRS each year are astronomical in number, and some of them require the recipient to inquire about tax help.  Some of the letters and notices that are sent out are simple in nature and do not require getting advise from a tax professional. An example of this sort of thing would be an IRS notice that simply points out that a minor mathematical error was discovered on one’s return by the IRS. This notice explains the correction that was made to the return by the IRS and that no further action is needed.

Other issues with the IRS do require getting some professional tax help. For instance, if one hasn’t filed a return for several years or if they have an outstanding IRS debt that has not been paid, then they will want to seek the help of a tax professional. It becomes even more critically important to get professional help with this type of issue when one’s IRS problem has been moved into the collection phase by the IRS.

Once a person moves into the collection phase at the IRS, their risk of having a levy, lien and garnishment executed upon them by the IRS has increased.  At this collection stage, the IRS problem has really escalated beyond the point of just needing some tax help. The person will now need a tax professional skilled in IRS matters to try and stop or lessen the collection action that the IRS is mounting against them. Once the series of IRS letters start coming to a person in the mail with warnings of the serious consequences that will take place for not resolving the matter, their problem has been compounded.  These IRS notices or letters include real IRS threats about liens on one’s property, levies against their bank accounts, garnishment of their wages and other potential risks such as the closing of one’s business and seizure of other assets.

If one hasn’t gotten professional tax help by the time their IRS problem has escalated to the point of threats of levies, liens and seizures then they really need to get help now. They can spare themselves the financial and emotional hardships that they will certainly endure when the IRS finally takes action on their collection threats. It is very important to get some professional tax help in order to get the IRS problem solved.

Because the IRS tends to move slowly and inconsistently at times, people often build up a resistance to the threats and dangers of the IRS. This resistance build up frequently puts people in a type of zombie zone where they just sit idle and do nothing since nothing really bad has happened yet. Beware; this is when they are at their greatest risk with the IRS because at some point the IRS will get their act together and connect all the dots on the case. The person will end up with a levy, lien, garnishment or worse. It is a gamble that the taxpayer will lose over time, so they are better served to get help when the cards are still in their favor. In regards to reacting to the IRS, sooner is always better.

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